Enjoying your vacation at ‘Villas by Goshen’ means going back to nature and enjoying Aruban culture and hospitality. Experience the atmosphere of a traditional home surrounded by nature and have the opportunity to also taste the fresh and local produce from the land. Join our Farm to Table concept and if you are interested, you can even be part of the harvest journal early in the morning.


Unwind and enjoy a holistic experience

Our “Villas by Goshen” are located on the foothills of Alto Vista and in the middle of our beautiful sustainable farm, with stunning panoramic views of the West coast of the island.




Cunucu House

The main “Cunucu House” was built bit by bit, with rock and mortar; the walls are more than a foot thick, the roof is made out of Dutch tiles, the fence is made out of rocks and the garden has a lot of ornamental and native plants like Aloe Vera, Divi Divi tree, Bougainville, Frangipani, Wayaca and Cactus among others. The house itself has a fascinating love history.

Goshen Farm

Beyond the garden is Goshen Farm, a permaculture project anchored in a sense of community and solidarity. Our primary objective is to provide local, fresh and organic produce while serving a larger social impact purpose.